Stefania Sapio, Spectrum (2009-2013)

Few are the soothing moments of relief from the human tendency to clarify our vision on life-comparing and analysing people, places, and experiences in an attempt to understand what makes us the way we are. These rare moments of total engagement and acceptance seem to bring a subtle balance of forces and meanings, but also brings into question our need or want for improvement and change. For Stefania Sapio, this conflict is reflected in her personal struggle to understand and apply advice relating to her daughters’ learning abilities versus the desire to allow them to live their lives the way they are, valuing their very personal and unique outlook on reality.


Stefania Sapio moved to Ireland in 2001 as Erasmus student at University College Cork. She studied documentary photography at St. John Central College Cork. Sapio’s photographs have been published in Source Photographic Review and selected by Belfast Photo Factory as part of a group show in Belfast and in the Gallery of Photography, Dublin.  She also exhibited in THERE THERE in Cork, 2012, and was selected as part of the recent Project 30: Emerging Views of Ireland in the Gallery of Photography, Dublin.

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