Works IV

New Irish Works IV

10 artists • 10 Projects
11 Exhibitions • 1 Publication

Programme 2022-2024


Audrey Blue 2-26 Feb
Bryony Dunne 2-26 Mar
Pauline Rowan 30 Mar-23 Apr
Jialin Long 27 Apr-28 May
Róisín White 1-25th June
Martin Cregg 5-29 Oct
Martin Seeds 4-24 Dec

Cian Burke 5-25 Feb
Mark Duffy 29 Feb-31 Mar
Shia Conlon 4-28 Apr

Audrey Blue, This Hurts

Bryony Dunne, The Sky Only Welcomes Those with Wings

Cian Burke, I fear that the magic has left this place

Jialin Long, Red Illuminates

Martin Cregg, The Plot

Martin Seeds, No Country For Young Men

Mark Duffy, On Pugin

Pauline Rowan, Under a Vaulted Sky

Róisín White, Cross the Child’s Palm with Silver

Shia Conlon, Sites of Dreaming