Muireann Brady, Film Deaths (2010)

Film Deaths is a photographic record of all the screen deaths I viewed in a total of 58 films over a period of 8 weeks.

There are a total of 117 deaths recorded. 

Of these 117 deaths 

78 were homicidal: – 

35 gunshot wounds, 5 bludgeonings, 5 stabbings, 4 tortures, 2 throats slit, 2 falls, 2 vehicle collisions, 1 beating, 1 drowning, 1 assassination, 1 suffocation, 1 strangulation, 1 poisoning, & 5 unknown causes.

28 were as a result of war or battles

10 were accidental: –

3 drownings, 2 overdoses, 1 fall, 1 blow, 1 poisoning, 1 gunshot wound & 1 trampling.

8 were suicidal: – 

2 gunshot wounds, 1 starvation, 1 hanging, 1 poisoning, 1 self immolation, 1 slit wrists, 1 vehicle collision.

5 were natural: –

3 old age, 1 heart disease, 1 illness.


Muireann Brady was born in Dublin, 1975 and is currently working and living in West Cork. She studied photography in IADT Dun Laoghaire and has exhibited nationally in EV+A, RHA Annual, Claremorris Open, Iontas, Dublin Electronic Arts Festival, The Crawford Gallery, The Joinery & Broadstone Gallery. Brady was also selected to take part in ‘Civilising the Wilderness’ at Eigse in Carlow 2012. She participated in the Skibbereen Arts Festival in the Summer of 2012 and was selected for ‘Aspect’, part of the ‘There There’ festival organized by Stag and Deer in Cork, October 2012.

In addition, Brady has exhibited internationally, in the UK, as part of the Tether Festival and in The Chapel Gallery in Lancashire, as well as exhibiting in China at the 411 Galleries and in Poland as part of the main programme of the Fotofestiwal in Lodz.  

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