Paul Gaffney, We Make the Path by Walking (2012)

Over the course of a year, Gaffney has walked over 3,500 kilometres throughout Spain, Portugal, and the South of France, with the aim of creating a body of work, which explores the subject of long distance walking as a means of mediation and personal transformation.

Gaffney’s intention has been to capture the essence of what has turned out to be quite a spiritual journey, in a series of images that express the experience of being immersed in nature and communicate a sense of the subtle internal and psychological changes that one may undergo while negotiating the landscape.


Paul Gaffney is a Dublin based photographer. He has completed an MFA in Photography at the University of Ulster. Gaffney’s work has been exhibited in numerous locations throughout Ireland and the UK, most notably Host Gallery (London), Third Floor Gallery (Cardiff) and the Gallery of Photography (Dublin).

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